Safe Weed Control

Traditional blanket applications of dangerous pesticides over an entire lawn are a thing of the past. Our organic fertilizer program is part of an approach designed to minimize weed pressure through proper turf management without the use of harmful herbicides and pesticides. By reducing the amount of synthetic pesticides applied to turf we can provide safer lawns and reduce the environmental impact caused by traditional pesticides.

Mike's Organic Lawns takes a holistic approach to controlling the weeds and pests in your lawn. We use a combination of sound maintenance practices, fertilization, soil testing and amending, natural herbicides and, as a last resort, synthetic herbicides upon customer request. We feel as if our approach provides you with not only the greenest and most beautiful lawn on your block but also the safest lawn as well.

Natural Weed Control

The easiest and most important means to keeps lawn weeds at bay is to properly maintain your lawn. A lawn with quality soil conditions, properly fertilization, adequate watering and cut to the proper height will provide its own natural weed control. A thick and lush lawn is less likely to allow weeds to germinate or develop to a point where they become a problem. Some lawns may have a soil that is less than ideal for quality turf growth and may need additional amendments to improve the lawns natural weed resistance. Our soil and lawn analysis, which is performed with every organic fertilizer program, will provide us with the information needed so we can make the recommendations as to how to improve the weed resistance of your lawn with services such as aeration, overseeding or no mess compost topdressing to name a few.

Should a few weeds already be present in the lawn we also have a natural and selective herbicide we can apply. This is a natural mineral based product; not one designed in a lab. It is a commercially available product that is labeled for use on lawns and is completely safe for your family and pets after application. This product is a liquid application that will provide post emergent control of many common lawn weeds.

Synthetic Herbicide

Some lawns with heavier weed pressure or hard to control weeds we can apply a synthetic herbicide at your request. When applying any herbicide we take every precaution necessary to minimize the risk of exposure to you and your family. We choose only the best products available to provide the best control of the pest present. Using only the best products reduces the need for repeat applications and lowers the overall use of pesticides on your lawn. Each lawn is flagged after application letting you know when you can again enter your lawn.

Through these simple steps we can help you create a lush and beautiful lawn that is safe for your family, your pets and the environment.