Mike's Organic Lawns

Becoming an organic lawn service is more than just switching to organic fertilizers and products; organic lawn care is a complete system of management practices which work together to create a beautiful and pest resistant lawn. It is our goal to provide customers with beautiful lawn which have the least amount of negative environmental impact as possible. We achieve this goal through using the best management practices according to industry standards and research, recycling lawn waste, reducing fuel consumption and minimizing the use of office paper. Through these simple methods we can provide you with a green lawn with minimal negative environmental impact.

Our Mission

Mike’s Organic Lawns mission is to provide our customers with the greenest lawns possible both in appearance and environmental impact while remaining affordable and competitive.

Impacting Our Environment

By consolidating trips to customer’s homes and by planning efficient routes we can reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Not only is this good for the environment but it is also good for the customer. Reduced fuel consumption equals less fuel cost passed on to the consumer.

Whenever possible, clippings are left on the lawn. Not only does this reduce waste but it will also benefit the turf. The clippings not only provide up to 30% of the yearly nitrogen requirements for the turf but also help create a layer of thatch needed to keep the soil cool and aids in moisture retention. If conditions dictate removing material from the lawn, all materials are sent to a compost site to be recycled back to a usable product.

At Mike’s Organic Lawns we do our best to utilize technology to reduce the use and waste of paper whenever possible. We strive to reach our goal of a 100% paperless office by using email invoicing and PDF contracts. We also have online payment options available to customers who wish to save on postage and paper.