Natural Organic Fertilizer

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Natural organic fertilizer is nothing new; manure from farm animals has been applied to lawns and pastures as a source of nutrient for centuries. While manure is a very effective source of natural fertilizer for lawns, the smell may turn some people away. Today we have the luxury of having numerous commercially available organic fertilizer products at our disposal. Some use corn, alfalfa or other plant materials as a source of fertilizer while others use forms of waste such as lawn and leaf clippings or the waste from sewage treatment plants. The common thread that ties all of the organic fertilizers together is that they are all a product of nature.

While we commonly refer to our fertilizer program as an “Organic Fertilizer Program” this definition is not always a clear description. The word organic is a term that can take a couple of different meanings. In chemistry, organic refers to a compound that contains carbon. In the realm of lawn care we are using the definition of organic that refers to matter that has come from a once-living organism, is capable of decay or the product of decay, or is composed of an organic compound. Some lawn care providers have begun to use the chemistry definition of the word “organic” by labeling traditional synthetic fertilizers as organic fertilizers just because they are carbon based. While it is true that they are organic in the basic definition of the word, they are not organic in the lawn care definition. True organic programs will use fertilizers that are plant or animal waste based which are safe for you and your family.

Recently there has been a new entry into the organic fertilizer market. There is a new class of products showing up on the market that use natural organic products as a base fertilizer, mainly Milorganite, but also add chemical pesticides to the mix to quickly help solve problems on the lawn.

One such product that is being retailed locally is a Milorganite based natural organic fertilizer that has a Preemergent and insecticides added to help prevent weed germination and insect infestation. This product is being marketed as a natural organic fertilizer. While it is true that the fertilizer base is organic, adding the synthetic chemical Preemergent Prodiamie to the organic fertilizer keeps the product as a whole from being considered organic. One must be especially cautious when purchasing products or services that claim to be organic or natural. A true organic fertilizer program will be completely safe for you and your family, will not contain any words of caution or contain any chemicals or synthetic pesticides. The absolute best bet when looking for a safe and natural fertilizer for your lawn is to contact a reputable organic fertilizer dealer or lawn care provider.

All of the products we use in our Organic Fertilizer program are made from plant materials and are 100% safe for you and your family. The products contain no words of caution on the label and are not registered as harmful pesticides. Our fertilizers are safe enough that I have personally tasted every product we offer; ask any other lawn care provider to do that with their products!