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Yellow Nutsedge Identification and Control

Yellow Nutsedge Yellow nutsedge (Cyperus esculentus) is a common, persistent, and troublesome weed in lawns and landscapes in Nebraska. This is especially true from Kearney (NE) east into Iowa. Yellow nutsedge is a problem in lawns because of rapid growth during the summer months, an upright growth habit, and light green color, resulting in a…
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Lawn Watering Recommendation

In-ground lawn irrigation systems can be a great way to keep your lawn healthy during short and long term drought. A well designed system, used properly, can be an efficient way to water your lawn. However, too many in-ground irrigation systems are simply turned on during spring and forgotten until they are shut down in…
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Late summer yellowing of Kentucky bluegrass

We’re seeing an interesting yellowing (chlorosis) of turfgrass around the region. It is most prevalent on Kentucky bluegrass and creeping bentgrass. It is most severe on alkaline soils when soils are warmest in August or cold in March. It’s also been seen in wet areas such as around irrigation heads and low areas. Nitrogen fertilization…
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