• Mikes Organic Lawns
    Becoming an organic lawn service is more than just switching to organic fertilizers and products; organic lawn care is a complete system of management practices which work...
  • Fall Lawn Aeration
    Annual fall core aeration should be the basis of any lawn program in Nebraska. The clay soil that is commonly found in eastern Nebraska is prone to...
  • Safe Weed Control
    Traditional blanket applications of dangerous pesticides over an entire lawn are a thing of the past. Our organic fertilizer program is part of an approach designed to...
  • Organic Fertilizers
    Mike’s Organic Lawns organic fertilizer program is the 100% safe and natural choice for those wanting the greenest lawn on block. Our organic fertilizer program uses only...

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  • 21.07
    Summer Weed Control
    One of the most common questions asked of turfgrass specialists is, “what can I use to kill these weeds?” Or, “what should our turf manager be doing for summer weed control?” These questions are especially common at this time of year when summer annual weeds...
  • 17.07
    Have a green healthy lawn while still conserving water
    Bill Kreuser, UNL Turfgrass Extention Most homeowners want a nice green lawn. A lush healthy lawn displays obvious pride in ownership. Keeping a lawn green and healthy can be easier said than done. That’s especially true in Nebraska where weather extremes are the norm. During...
  • 05.07
    Summer Lawn Maintenance Tips
    Set your mower as high as feasible. Mowing at 3.5” or higher is the best way to maintain a healthy lawn. On a concrete surface, measure from the concrete to the actual blade tip (not the housing). Or simply use the highest setting for most...

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